Strong Trees from Below

Our Story

The ScoutsOn Watch Company was created to honor all of those who served. We are passionate about making sure the over 19.4 million veterans in America receive the credit and support that they have well earned. This is just one of the many reasons why we make a donation directly to Operation Gratitude to cover the cost for sending one care package to a veteran for every watch we sell.


The Birth of ScoutsOn Watch:

One Soldier - One Watch - One Boy's Hope

I was born an Army Brat. I'll always be one. This label is a badge of honor that has shaped every part of my life. 

When I was 7 years old, my Dad had to go on a deployment. This was the first deployment when I was old enough to understand that Dad was a soldier and that he was going to be gone for a long time. 

Then Dad took off his watch and gave it to me. It was a simple watch. It wasn't a Rolex. It wasn't made of gold, but it was the most valuable thing I had ever held. 

Dad told me to hold onto it until he got back. He slipped it on my little wrist, and asked me to look after Mom and Sissy (my older Sister) for him until he came home. I remember immediately feeling a soldier's strength running through me and wiping away my fear. 

Through my sniffling, I managed to eek out, "Yes, sir." 

And that was it. My watch had begun. I wore Dad's watch every day for months. I slept with Dad's watch, I cherished it, I respected Dad's watch, and I respected myself for getting to wear it. 

We were blessed that Dad eventually came back home, and I got to give him his watch back. My watch had ended, and my love affair with watches had begun.

Not every military family is as fortunate as ours was (our solider came home).  For every story of a soldier returning home, there are dozens of stories that do not end that way.  


Thank you to all who serve. The ScoutsOn Watch Company salutes you.